We are a family affair, publishers of books by Herb and Mary Knapp and son-in-law Steven M. Alper. We also feature two of our books on this web site which were published by other publishers (One Potato, Two Potato: W.W. Norton and Red, White and Blue Paradise: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).

We expect to publish more titles soon, including two works of fiction, a biography, a family memoir, and several volumes of Herb’s unusual poetry.
Just released!
Flying Backwards
Flying Backwards
1931 to 20—: a Life in Verse

by Herbert Knapp

Since I am not a politician, a movie star, a TV celebrity, a criminal, or a victim, Flying Backwards (1931–20—: A Life in Verse) contains no lurid revelations. Nor is it a narrative that zips people and events up together. It’s more like a series of buttons that hold together a story that is unstated but understood. The “buttons” range from wisecracks about my kindergarten teachers to my versions of those “spots of time” by which, according to Wordsworth, “our minds / Are nourished and invisibly repaired." — Herbert Knapp

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