We are a family affair, publishers of books by Herb and Mary Knapp and son-in-law Steven M. Alper. We also feature two of our books on this web site which were published by other publishers (One Potato, Two Potato: W.W. Norton and Red, White and Blue Paradise: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).

We expect to publish more titles soon, including two works of fiction, a biography, a family memoir, and several volumes of Herb’s unusual poetry.
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Flying Backwards
1931 to 20—: a Life in Verse

by Herbert Knapp

Since I am not a politician, a movie star, a TV celebrity, a criminal, or a victim, Flying Backwards (1931–20—: A Life in Verse) contains no lurid revelations. Nor is it a narrative that zips people and events up together. It’s more like a series of buttons that hold together a story that is unstated but understood. The “buttons” range from wisecracks about my kindergarten teachers to my versions of those “spots of time” by which, according to Wordsworth, “our minds / Are nourished and invisibly repaired." — Herbert Knapp

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Our other books
Beating a Dead Stick
Beating a Dead Stick
by Herbert Knapp

Barbara Butler teaches English in an urban high school in the 1980s where the students learn nothing and the faculty doesn’t care. Fed up with the collective dishonesty of her colleagues, she has decided to resign and tells the story of her last year of teaching in Beating a Dead Stick.

A student is raped in the book room but refuses to identify the rapist. Another student is murdered during a robbery at a convenience store near the school. There are rumors of a call-girl ring involving the students, but the faculty remains comically oblivious, and the administration insists all is well, even as the situation worsens.

When Barbara’s best friend, a transvestite math teacher, is beaten up but is too frightened to identify his attacker, she turns to a former student, now a grown-up detective, who helps discover the truth.

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Did You See This?
Poems to Provoke the Politically Correct
by Herbert Knapp

Political correctness has stifled independent thought, hobbled the economy, turned sexual relationship into a minefield of legal liabilities, and neutered stand-up comedy. In response, poetry has clutched its pearls and hidden in its academic parlor. Poets tell themselves poetry is about feelings and the ineffable—eternal things—not transitory political disputes. It was not always so. In a more robust age (when poetry mattered) children didn’t run to the teacher but shouted back, “I’m rubber, you’re glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!”

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Miracle on Fourth Street:
Saving an Old Merchant’s House
by Mary L. Knapp

This sequel to An Old Merchant’s House takes up the story of a family home built in 1832 after the last family member died in 1933, almost a hundred years later. It tells how the house became a museum and recounts the extraordinary efforts expended over the years to preserve it for posterity.

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An Old Merchant’s House:
Life at Home in New York City, 1835-64
by Mary L. Knapp

This book offers an authentic view of the domestic life of privileged New Yorkers in the three decades before the Civil War. It is based on memoirs, diaries, letters, and a preserved antebellum home belonging to the same family for almost 100 years. The daily life and habits of that family and their neighbors are revealed in detail.

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One Potato,Two Potato:
The Folklore of American Children
by Mary and Herbert Knapp
W.W. Norton

Children's traditional customs, rhymes, games, jeers, songs, superstitions, stories,and pranks help kids deal with feelings and taboo subjects that they can’t understand or talk about and to cope with the stresses of their lives. That’s the serious theme. Readers also find the book an amusing blast from the past as they recall their own childhoods. Remember cooties?

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Next! Auditioning for the Musical Theatre
by Steven M. Alper

The perfect guide for any musical theater hopeful by a veteran New York City musical director, composer, and audition accompanist. Extensive do’s and don’ts, pitfalls to avoid, and rules you should never break. Chapters include music preparation: how to prepare the physical music; the piano player: what to expect from him; the song: what to sing, what not to sing; the audition: how to impress the people behind the table; and much more.

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Red, White and Blue Paradise
The American Canal Zone in Panama
by Mary and Herbert Knapp
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

Based on our 20 years experience teaching in the former Panama Canal Zone, this book is a combination personal memoir, historical record, and sociological study of an ambiguous American utopia that existed in Panama for three-quarters of the twentieth century. Now out of print, but a reasonably priced used copy can usually be obtained from Amazon.

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